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Whether you are looking for art classes for adults or children we tailor them to the age group.



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Each of our art classes is fully equipped with all the the paint, brushed and tools you need to create masterpieces.


Art Classes

Our Range of Art Classes in Melbourne

Since our inception, Kim Balmains Art has become an established artist who has dedicated many years teaching art classes to school age children throughout Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

Our art classes by Kim Balmains Art offer Balmain’s Young Artist Scholarship Program which was formulated in 1999. Kim Balmains Art is privately run and reliant on the support of patrons and Kim herself. This art classes program assists young artists as they work towards building a future for art orientated careers.

Our Art Classes & Services:

Art Classes

With over 35 years of experience teaching art classes within Melbourne, Kim Balmains Art is here to provide you with the teaching you deserve. We strive to work one-on-one with all of our students with small art class sizes. If you would like to book a time to enhance your skills, call Kim Balmains Art today. art classes melbourne

Abstract & Contemporary

We offer a wide range of art classes to the Melbourne community. Our abstract and contemporary are classes are popular for all ages. Contemporary art is art which is created during our lifetime which is presented in most modern galleries. Abstract art is an interpretation of images presented in art form. Both of these styles are different in many ways and with our art classes by Kim Balmains Art you are guaranteed to enhance your knowledge and skill. abstract and contemporary

Pastel, Oil & Acrylic

Are you interested in using a wide range of drawing utensils and styles? We aim to show you a wide range of drawing apparatus and tools to improve your skill. If you are interested in using a specific type of drawing tool, just ask our talented art class directors. We are here to teach you! pastel, oils and acrylic art classes

All Art Materials Supplied

Worried about the materials needed to complete our art classes? Kim Balmains Art understands that not everyone has their own supply of art equipment and materials. This is why all of your materials are supplied for each art class you attend with Kim Balmains Art. art classes with supplied materials

At Kim Balmains Art we have over 34 years of experience teaching and over 50 years in painting. Kim Balmains Art offers a fun, friendly and encouraging learning environment for all ages. We are here to help you create stunning designs which match your personality, while growing as an artist.

If you are interesting in our art classes or wish to broaden your existing knowledge, contact Kim Balmains Art to arrange a booking today.

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