About Our Art Classes.

We offer a unique art program, that focuses on improving your individual skills and technique.

Varetsa Studio – Art Classes Melbourne offers a warm, inviting and fun learning environment, where you or your child will have an opportunity to expand and enrich your artistic skills and inner creativity. So come on down with your child and let them explore their hidden artistic talents. Because our art classes are one on one art tuition, the class is always tailor-made to ensure it matches your skills. Our art lessons aim to inspire and build up your art skills and helping the child gain confidence and self-esteem.

No matter what your skill level, or preferred media, Varetsa Studio art instructors can help you master the professional artist techniques needed to create compelling works of art you will be pround of!


We offer the art lessons for everyone who wants to learn to draw from scratch or improve their already developed technique, our art classes range from beginner to advanced, from art lessons for kids to art lessons for adults, you can study art short term or take a long term approach and attend every week. Beginners are welcome.

You will be amazed at how quickly your artwork improves as you practice, you will learn such key painting and drawing techniques as perspective, form modelling, colour harmony, pictorial composition and much, much more.

All of our art lessons are tailored to individual needs, recognizing that people and kids have different personalities, skill levels and intentions for wanting to learn how to create art. All the fundamental basics of painting and drawing are covered. These include the principles of ideas, composition and drawing, techniques, tonal values, materials and colour theory.

Did you know practicing visual art slows down aging of your brain? Meditation, painting and drawing are one of the great ways to add longevity into your life!