Try a different art technique!

Each art class can focus on a unique theme and explores a range of styles and techniques. During our art lessons we provide our students with all the art materials they might need, so they can find the medium they resonate with the most, be it oil paints, watercolour or inks.


Inspiration comes largely by positive example and our art teachers really take the time to guide their students, so that our art students feel the desire to create beautiful art all by themselves – we strive to inspire and unlock your creativity!

Learn from the best!

Our art tutors are passionate about art education – we don’t mean to brag but our art lessons are run by teachers who are award-winning, accomplished artists and are still practising their art for a living, and now they want to share their passion and love for art with you!


We will be temporarily closed from the 10th of July to the 30th of July.

Welcome to the Art Classes Melbourne!

We are Art Classes Melbourne – we provide affordable art lessons in a private art studio, we teach drawing lessons, oil painting, acrylic painting, academic drawing, portraiture, abstract, children book illustration, mixed media art lessons, watercolour painting and more! We welcome all skill levels from beginners and advanced!

We aim to limit our art lessons to a one student per class, so our art lessons are individual, one-on-one art tuitions, which allows us to focus on the individual skill level of our student and fix any gaps in the technique, that way our students learn faster and benefit from the art teacher’s individual attention. Our art tutors are professional artists, who are passionate about teaching art and take the time to share their knowledge. Recent research has shown that offering children an art program assists in their social and emotional development and has improved their academic outcomes. We offer short and long, day and evening art classes for kids, teenagers and adults – from beginners to advanced.

Sometimes it’s more fun to learn in a group of friends – so we also offer small group art classes, you can choose a class for two people up to a group of 4 (class for you and three friends at the same time).

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Thanks for the wonderful and informative lesson Lillia! So proud of my first watercolour painting! Thanks again and I’ll see you at my next lesson ?

I enjoy the drawing very much and Lilia is so patient to teach me.  I do not need to look for the teacher so I am so relaxed now!

The great thing about Lilia’s art classes is that she can tune in instinctively and with enthusiasm and real knowledge to development both beginners and advanced painters, which is no mean trick. Attending small group classes by Varetsa Studio Art Classes is always a pleasure and you cannot help but come away with confidence in your work!

Lilia is a fantastic teacher. She insists on structure as a fundamental to all work, and this guarantees achievement regardless of ability. If you are a novice or a pro she can provide the necessary input for success and enjoyment.

Looking for a unique & easy gift idea?

We have Art Lessons Vouchers just for that! “Experience gifts” such as drawing or painting lessons make valuable and memorable gifts, so give a gift of creativity to someone you care about! We have Art Lessons Vouchers available in a one hour, two hours, three hours, four hours and five-hour packs!

The ART LESSONS we offer at our studio

We offer long term and short term private one on one lessons for people of all ages, skills and abilities. Our lessons run from morning to evening, seven days a week in a private artist’s studio in Box Hill North.

Our art lessons are a perfect alternative to big group art classes. We focus on cultivating artistic skills in a respectful, peaceful and relaxing environment, suitable for people with different abilities and skill levels. Our art lessons focus on academic drawing techniques, classical school of painting with acrylics, oils, watercolour and gouache. You will learn skills like painting a portrait, drawing inanimate objects in 3D, drawing and painting animals, fashion illustration, nuances of drawing the human face, hands and body children’s book illustration or a paint beautiful sunset in watercolour! And if you are a university student we can even help you prepare your portfolio. The subject matter is limitless – so let your imagination roam free!

  • Convenient Box Hill North Location

    14 km east from Melbourne’s CBD

  • Open 7 Days a week

    We hold our art lessons Monday to Sunday – 9AM to 8PM

  • All Art Materials Are Included

    We provide all the art materials you need during your lesson

  • Led by award-winning artists

    Our art tutors are professional artists, illustrators and designers

  • Women Led & WWCC

    Art lessons are women-led and all hold a current Working With Children Check

  • Based on The European Art School Tradition

    Our lessons are based on a solid foundation of traditional European art



We offer a range of different art materials and can provide oil painting lessons, acrylic lessons, watercolour, gouache, inks, pencils, pastels and more. So whether you are an watercolor painting enthusiast and just want to try your hand at oil painting, we’ve got you covered. Plenty of lessons to choose from, visit our booking page for prices and durations.


We offer a wide range of one on one art classes (individual art lessons) for kids and adults, including drawing lessons, oil painting lessons, watercolour painting lessons, beginner art lessons and acrylic painting art lessons for both adults and children. All skills levels are welcome, from beginners to advanced, we teach you the basics and professional techniques. Our private artist studio is located in Melbourne’s suburb of Box Hill North. All of our Art Classes require making a booking, as we are a private art studio.

Beginner Art Lessons

  • Drawing Lessons
  • Painting Lessons
  • Japanese Ink Lesson
  • Mixed Media Art Lessons
  • Mindfulness Art
  • Floral Art & Botanical Art

Besoke Art Lessons

  • Academic Drawing
  • Drawing for Architects
  • Ink & Nib Drawing
  • Meditative Art
  • Old Masters Painting Techniques
  • Illustration Techniques

Advanced Painting Classes

  • Oil Painting Classes
  • Portrait Painting Classes
  • Acrylic & Oil Techniques
  • Masterclasses and Workshops
  • Art Portfolio Preparation
  • Advanced art techniques

Children’s Art Lessons

  • Art Lessons for kids – all ages
  • Very Young Artists – ages 5 +
  • Drawing and painting for children
  • Art Lessons for teenages
  • Fun creativite lessons to develop confidence and skill

The Many Benefits of Learning to Draw & Paint

  • Improves Communication Skills

    Sketching is fantastic to put your thoughts in order when trying to convey any concept

  • Develops Motor Skills

    and improves dexterity by creating new synapses in the brain

  • Reduces Stress

    Drawing and painting is very meditative – it is a natural way to reduce stress.

  • Improves Concentration

    Drawing teachers you to observe and focus on your subject.

  • Art Promotes Healing

    Drawing, coloring and painting activates the parasympathetic nervous system which promotes healing

  • Encourages Creativity & Imagination

    Making art encourages imagination and cultivates creativity among adults and children

  • Promotes Love of Learning

    When you learn while having fun the process of learning becomes enjoyable.

  • Helps Develop Good Habits

    Good art requires discipline and commitment

  • Boosts Self Esteem

    Drawing is a learnt skill, which gives you a sense of achievement

  • Builds Problem-solving Skills

    and promotes patience and determination

Start your creative journey today!


If you, or someone you know, is ready to learn art, make a Varetsa Studio Art Classes Melbourne your first step in a life-long creative journey. Whatever your interests are, be it painting or drawing landscapes, portraits, animals, still life, our Personal Painting workshop will give you the knowledge and skill you need to create paintings that express your ideas, creativity and emotions.

We provide all the Art Materials during your art lessons
give an art voucher – they make a perfect & creative gift!
Book your creative art lessons online anytime
we are Open 7 days a week: Monday to Sunday 9am to 8pm
Art Studio in convenient location in Box Hill

Best Private Art Lessons in Melbourne you can find – if you are looking for quality academic art and drawing lessons, that help you develop your drawing skills and techniques, you have come to the right place – attend your art lesson with the Varetsa Studio – Art Classes Melbourne and see for yourself – we look forward to teaching you soon!

COVID-19 Update

The safety and well-being of our valued customers are always our priority, as we are a small private art studio and are practicing social distancing we will remain open throughout these turbulent times. We ask you to wear a mask when you are visiting us and ring ahead to confirm your appointment. We thank you for your continuous support and look forward to seeing you in our studio again soon.